Celebrating 2 years as Presidents distinguished

This Wednesday 29th November, North Herts Speakers Club will be celebrating its second year since it was chartered on 29th September. 2015. It is also celebrating second year of success at the highest level of Presidents Distinguished. This is a nomination given by Toastmasters International which rewards a club for how well it is run and the value it gives to its local community. This is outstanding for new club in its first two years.

Christmas Dinner and DTM celebtations

North Herts Speakers meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Sun Hotel, Sun Street, Hitchin. On Wednesday we will be celebrating both our second year and our Christmas dinner.

Hitchin’s local club now has three top Distinguished toastmasters, these people have attained the highest level as recognised by Toastmasters international, this is great for the club as the average club across the country is half a Distinguished Toastmaster (the mean rather than the mode!). Bob Ferguson DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) has been a Toastmaster for over 20 years and has been national champion in the worldwide Toastmaster competitions. Elizabeth Jordan and John Kendall have become Distinguished Toastmasters just this year so we will also be celebrating their success.

At the dinner this coming Wednesday at the Sun Hotel, Hitchin, we will have a total of 7 DTMs (Distinguished Toastmasters) in attendance which includes Coralie Frances, Kevin Baggs, Daniel Sandars, Robert Skelton as well as our own 3 DTMs (Bob Ferguson, Elizabeth Jordan and John Kendall).

We are also extremely pleased to have the national director of our district (District 71) Robert Skelton, previous District 71 National director Kevin Lee, Divisional Director Daniel Sandars, Area director Steve Campion in attendance which is a real recognition of clubs success.

During the evening we will have speeches by Bob Ferguson and Kevin Baggs and also some impromptu speaking where members of the club will be invited to speak for a minute on a topic that will be chosen without preparation, a bit like “Just a minute” on Radio 4.

Rise to the Occasion
John Kendall Distinguished Toastmaster

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