Toasting at our 100th Meeting

Our 100th meeting was a very relaxed affair with many more opportunities for impromptu speaking.  It was great to have some guests too and they were good sports, joining in and taking up the challenge.

Guess who won the Table Topics best speaker award?  None other than Nick Gill, Editor of The Comet, our local newspaper!  He was really good, a natural!

100th Meeting!

Yes, it’s true, we will be having our 100th meeting tonight!

Join us tonight 4th of July 2018

Come join us and earn yourself some recognition

We have 3 speakers for you two of which are Distinguished Toastmasters.  Our speakers are:

  • John Kendall
  • Christopher Johansen
  • Steve Campion

Many of my friends joke with me that we just sit around make toasts and drinking sparkling wine.  We tonight I can safely say that there will be some toasting and there will be something to toast with!

We’ve also got an extended section of impromptu speaking where everyone will get a couple of minutes to have a say. We’re making this a special evening where we can all let our hair down and speak up!

So come join us, you know you want to!