The One Where we Shook Hands

But Cleaned them After!! 18th Aug 2021

It was a fine evening for our first outdoor in person meeting. We met in my front garden in Willian as it is big enough and I was very happy to host.  It was our first in person meeting in 16 months and it was also the first time I had shaken hands with anyone in 16 months too.  How wonderfully strange it seemed.

Liz Burnett, (Toastmasters royalty) also attended and even presented our club with a sash of awesomeness!

The meeting had two glorious speeches from Lynne and Christine that had us hanging on their every word.  Christine and her cauliflower prop were a big hit, and we will never look at this vegetable the same again.  She spoke about unlearning and how difficult that can be particularly when you have a cauliflower for a brain. Lynne gave voice to the little critics that sit on our shoulders and whisper a negative commentary in our ears, or that could be just my shoulders!

Deborah did a wonderful job in her first ever in person meeting, as she led the evaluations, and it was wonderful to see Andrea for the first time in ages as she led us in Table Topics. 

 Andrea had us recalling the foibles of our childhood holidays and she had props and a series of probing questions which provoked the most wonderful stories from our group.  Judith and her undiplomatic aunt, Liz with her holidays in Ireland with only a cursory nod to planning and Dorothy and her disappointment with her water pistols.

Enroy was our timer extraordinaire, and it was very strange indeed to get the coloured card out of the meeting box again to show the times rather than just change our backgrounds.

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