Area 20 Gala Dinner

It’s been a while since we’ve held a gala dinner but Wojciech did us proud.

We had representatives from:

  • Herts Speakers
  • East Herts Speakers
  • North Herts Speakers
  • Stevenage Speakers

All the clubs in the area presented a report on their club year, its ups and its downs. 3 of the clubs attained the accreditation of President’s Distinguished, we are truly lucky to have such dedicated club officers in this area.

One of our fledgling clubs is yet to charter. This is a chance for all of us to help out. We plan to mentor officer roles by offering shadowing and guidance.

We also had some new awards to give to our members. Best Club Officer, Best club Member and Most Improved club member.

It was great to relax with our fellow members and have more time to talk.

You see, we’re such good friends!