What is your favourite meeting role and why?

In our last meeting, Wednesday 18th November, we asked attendees what is their favourite meeting role (for example, chairperson, evaluator, grammarian, and many more). This is what they said:

Toastmaster because I am in control!

❤ I like Table Topic Master as it gives me control and I can be creative and don’t have to do a topic myself 😊

❤ My favourite role Table Topics evaluator, I love having the opportunity to give feedback in short snappy way 😊

❤ I like the Table Topics Master role because it lets me move a little more out of my comfort zone, as you get more of a chance to make it your own.

❤ I love Table Topic Master – it’s great fun thinking of a great topic that will draw people out – needs to be balanced with being enough of a challenge – lots of fun to be had with that role – love it when one of our Toastmasters bought a bag of objects and you had to talk about something you draw out of the bag by chance.

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❤ Grammarian because it’s fun to focus on the use of language

❤ I enjoy Table Topic Evaluator because you avoid doing a Table Topic speech! But it is also challenging.

❤ Evaluator because it is a good school to prepare yourself for evaluating other people in real life, I find it also challenging

❤ My favourite role is evaluator because it involves close listening

❤ My favourite role is the Table Topic Master. I like different roles for different reasons at different times.  I like TT Master but I don’t do it often as it’s a great chance to find out things about the people who inspire me.

❤ My first favourite is speech evaluator as I like to help people improve. My second favourite is Table Topic Master as I like to be creative

❤ My favourite role is the Table Topic Master because I stretch of imagination and it is a chance to have some more fun:)

And finally, my favourite (Rossana your VP of PR) has been the evaluator role, because it stretched me to put together a short speech after listening to what my Toastmasters peers have said, in a short amount of time. Good challenge, eh? It’s my chance to be positive, focused and helpful 😊

Join us next time!


Special Guest, Vicky Lester, at our next meeting on 18th November
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