Jam Packed!

Last week’s meeting was jam packed with speakers and with audience!
We had 5 speakers speaking on a variety of topics and using a variety of styles.

  • We had Mo giving us a talk about Blockchain and the Crypto technologies.
  • Bev interviewed Chris in a TV like style asking him about his experience of Toastmasters “New York” style.
  • Wojciech made us all crack up with his talk on “Crack Mania” which was about his work as a structural engineer.  I know what you are thinking, but no, it was not related to anything medicinal!
  • Gladys made us all think about how important it is to spend time with your family.  After all, you can work more and more, money is never enough but time is limited.  So spend your time wisely.
  • Dorothy pitched for work building business software for a heating manufacturer.

Alas, we had no time for impromptu speaking.  But that is just the way we are, we have a standard agenda but when there is a big demand for time to do speeches, we can adapt.

The winner of the best evaluator was Steve Saunders

Dorothy Molloy was best speaker


Bev got her Advanced Leadership Bronze award!  Congratualtions Bev!

It’s great to see Bev!
Competition Time!

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